Live Auction is Back: Latest Money Making Scheme That Has Made Kenyans Crazy

Kenyans are one funny lot and they will rarely fail to put a smile on your face especially in the streets of social media.

When it comes to making money and making money with little toil, trust Kenyans to be leading in the pack but can you blame us? Our leaders have led by example.

Investors who had placed their money in Live Auction; the latest get rich quick scheme, are one excited lot after a scare that the system had gone under with millions of their money.

This is after it made a comeback on Wednesday having been unoperational since Friday with millions of money being stuck.

According to some members of the scheme, the system started having operational glitches on Thursday and by Friday, one could hardly manouvre it.

Those whose money had matured and were ready to be paid were left in tears with rumours that even one of them had committed suicide.

Some of the investors had decided to risk it all with the saying of “go big or go home” and placed up to Ksh800,000 in the scheme.

After days of anguish, the system finally came back with the owners explaining that due to the high traffic, it had somehow crashed and their technicians were trying to restore it.

Live Auction is a peer to peer buying and selling of shares system where investors get paid between four to 12 days with an interest of between 30-95%.

Once you join, you go to Mpesa Auction, add the amount you want to invest (minimun of Ksh1200) and bid.

The system pairs you with someone who is selling their shares and gives you their number, you send them money and they will confirm you in the system.

After either 4, 8 or 12 days, you receive your money with a 30, 60, 95% interest depending on what you selected.

The scheme so far has 100K users who have been making handsome money every week.

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