Kitchen Hacks : Home Made Pilau Masala

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Nothing can beat home-made pilau masala when making pilau dish. Home-made pilau masala elevates pilau to a whole new level and that’s the secret to my great pilau. Am sure my friends are reading this and going… Oooooh… there! My secret is out! You really cannot compare store bought pilau masala with freshly home-made masala and it only takes 5-10 minutes to make. If you try this masala, and see the difference, tell me about it in the comment section. As I said making this pilau masala is so simple all you need is whole spices which you probably already have in your pantry or are easily found in most supermarkets. Basically, the whole spices are toasted and ground into a fine powder and the result is an amazing fragrant that calls neighbors for a call!The spices needed are;

  • cumin and bay leaves which serve as the savoury spices
  • Ground cayenne and black peppercorns which provide the heat
  • Cinnamon stick and cloves which provide the sweetness
  • Cardamom seeds which provide fragrance in the masala

Why make your own pilau masala?

  • You control what is in it. Add more of what you like and reduce what you don’t like. As for me I love my masala with more cumin and cardamom and less cloves and black pepper corn.
  • It is tastier than store bought ones. Store bought ones have lost most of their fragrance and flavor due to their life shelf.
  • Homemade pilau masala is free from preservatives and additives.
  • It is pretty easy to make!

Have fun making your own pilau masala…

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